Durga puja 2020 in kolkata ,West bengal ,India


Durga puja 2020 In West Bengal, Kolkata

Durga puja is a festival of Hindu religion .it is the annual festival of India people. It’s the most popular festival in the Bengali calendar. Durga puja is celebrated by the bangles. The festival time in the month of September or October. If you find some Durga puja image then the blog is for you.here is some information about Durga puja and some beautiful image of the goddess of Durga Ma.

About the Durga pujaAccordingly, Hindu mythology Goddess of Durga is Shakti or the divine feminine power to destroying the demon king mahishasura. Durga means the power of the shakti.
durga puja 2020
durga puja 2020
durga puja 2020
durga puja 2020
durga puja 2020
durga puja 2020
Durga puja 2020 in Kolkata – Durga puja is the most popular festival in West Bengal basically in kolkata.it is also the time of Navaratri. Navaratri is celebrated 10 days. Kolkata Durga puja the pandal of the goddess of Durga maa is open for the visitor, there are many big pandals decorated with the beautiful scenario.it is celebrated for 4 days called Saptami, Ashtami, Navami and Vijaya Dashami. Colleges and schools are closed for 4 days for that time. during this festival, old and young, men and women people celebrate together, wear new dresses. This time the Kolkata city is full of joy. Kumartuli is the most popular place for making an idol of Durga.
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  • Durga puja 2020 in kolkata

In this year 2020, the festival Durga puja will start in the month (in Bengali) Ashin)of October 22rd and ends on October 26th. Kolkata Durga puja start very soon.Mahalaya is the first day of beginning Durga puja. there are lots of pandals with various theme and decoration. , many pandals will be awarded for best Durga puja pandal.many of area people will be coming for a visit most beautiful popular pandals and the goddess of Durga.

Top 15 best Durga puja pandals in Kolkata you must visit – 
  1. Kumartuli park (north kolkata) ,near sova bazar metro.
  2. Mahamad ali park (chittaranjan ave ) ,near mahatma gandhi road.
  3. Dum dum park ,tarun snagha  (south dum dum) ,near beleghata metro.
  4. Sree bhumi sporting club (lake town), near Tollygunge metro.
  5. Jodhpur park
  6. Badamtala ashar sangha
  7. Surachi snagha ,near rabindra sarobor metro.
  8. Bag bazar durga puja
  9. Samaj sebi sangha
  10. Ballygunge cultural associan sangha
  11. Babu bagan club sarbo janin durga puja ,near rabindra sarovar metro.
  12. Bose Pukur Sitla mandir  ,near kalighat metro.
  13. Tridhara Samlaini ,near kalighat metro
  14. Ekdalia Evergreen club ,near kalighat metro
  15. Desapriya Park.
Durga puja 2020 Date and Days –
Thursday,22 October

Here I am sharing some beautiful Durga puja photo, you can download from here. Durga puja 2020 is coming soon if you like Durga puja photo then share it, please write a comment which photo you want to download ………


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