Mahalaya 2020 which Date -The Beginning of Durga Puja


Mahalaya 2020

Mahalaya is the beginning of  Durga puja, it starts of Devi paksha. It celebrates in India, Basically in west Bengal. Mahalaya starts before the seven days of Durga puja. This day celebrate for arrival time of Durga puja. If you finding Mahalaya pictures or images for wish friends and family, and Mahalaya 2020 date, then this blog post I will give you some beautiful images.

What is the meaning of Mahalaya? 
Mahalaya is  Devi Agamon of the goddess of maa Durga. There god Brambha, Bishnu and Maheshwar were created for Killed the Demon king Mahususra by Ma Durga.
Durga is the ultimate power of all goddesses. Mahalaya 2020 is the time period when the Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahisasura. Mahalaya is the first awake for the Durga puja festival.
This day we are listing Birendra Kishore Bhadra making holy verse ”Mahisasur Mardani”.The Chandipath ‘Mahisasur Mardini ‘ path on this day. Mahalaya is the biggest festival of the Bengals. Mahalaya is celebrated for the supreme power of the goddess Durga.


Mahalaya 2020 Date
Mahalaya 2020 Date
mahalaya 2020
mahalaya 2020


When was Mahalaya started?

Mahalaya is Starts before 10 days of  Durga puja. Mahalaya Radio program starts in the early morning by making Birendra Kishore Bhadra Mahisasur Mardini. Mahalaya program is the most popular program in all Bengals. This year Mahalaya is celebrated on

Tuesday, 17 September
Mahalaya 2019 date – 28th September 2019 ,Saturday
Mahalaya 2020 date  –  17 th september 2020 ,wednesday
On this day everyone is full of joy. people shopping for their new dress and prepare for the Durga puja festival. On this day people believe that Devi Durga decent on earth.
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Mahalaya photo Who wrote Mahalaya?
Mahalaya is first composed in 1931 and it was recorded by Birendra Kishore Bhadra in 1966. He wrote Mahisasur Mardani. the holy verse and tell the story of Durga.
mahalaya 2020
mahalaya 2020
About the Mahalaya story How Durga destroy asuras – according to Hindu mythology, Mahisasur was the demon king,  he prayed lord shiva 10000 years after lord shiva was satisfied with his prayer and give him an immortality prize in one condition,
men could not kill you except women and the demon king agree with lord shiva. The demon king thing that women are weak, women can not kill him. Lord Shiva was Known that no man can immortal.
The demon king Mahisasur was very cruel and he knew that lord shiva gives him immortal. after few days Mahisasur was misused his power or shakti. attacking heaven and earth.
Then three murti (Bhrambha, Bishnu & Maheswar have created a women power or shakti who is known as a Maa Durga. She fought with Mahisasur the demon king and killed him and bring peace on earth after that people start worship Devi Durga (the power of shakti).
Here is some beautiful Mahalaya image/Mahalaya 2020 photo. if you want to download Mahalaya 2020 photo right click on photo or image and save it on your mobile.
after you can share with your friend and family for wishing happy Mahalaya. Please leave a comment for which topic image you want to download images ………….


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